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We belong to a thriving artistic and cultural ecosystem that is collaborative and innovative, built on relationships and connection.

QLD Independent Artists Alliance are representatives from the Independent sector in the state known as Queensland. We are made up of exceptional creative professionals who are the core of every critical and crucial role required to imagine, realise and deliver artistic experiences to audiences. We belong to a thriving artistic ecosystem that is inter-generational, collaborative and innovative, built on relationships and connection. Although financially stretched, with many working from home, project to project and without operational funding, it has always been our support for one another that has seen us through many challenges - including the current COVID19 pandemic.  We are vested in equity, inclusion and safety, committed to ensuring the future of the creative arts sector is vibrant and inspirational, profiling the people from the state, both on and off the stage. We recognise those of us who are settlers benefit greatly from the continuing colonisation of the First Nations people and lands we create art on. We stand in active solidarity with the Custodians of the Lands and the Black Creative Community who are central to our artistic ecosystem.

The QIAA is a treaty formulated, sovereign based alliance, with membership comprising of many different nations from the state known as Queensland, around so-called Australia and the world.

Anonymity as it relates to safety is a key commitment to the core framework of Advocacy and Activism for Truth Tellers; 
also known as Whistleblowers.
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